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Green Christmas Gifts under $50
November 12, 2009
Hi There,

Thanksgiving is finally here and it’s time to go shopping. You have already made a list of gifts for your family and friends. We have created a list of “Green Gifts Under $50” for you.

The gifts are eco-friendly and non toxic. There are plenty of green gift ideas on our website. Here is some of my favorite Green Christmas Gifts for women, kids and men.

Denim Purse

Do your part in recycling by giving her the gift of this Denim Purse. It is made from vintage, used denim with bead décor uniquely crafted. It is a perfect accessory with jeans.

Mini Police Car

The car is a perfect size for little hands. It has rubber wheels that make it glide so nicely across the floor. It is unique in design and will be a great addition to any game of make believe. It is made from environmentally friendly rubber wood and the paint is non-toxic water based paint as well as biodegradable fabrics.

Solar Powered Backpack

Is anyone in your family love to go camping or a walk on trail? Then this is the perfect Christmas gift. The backpack has solar panels that collects sun energy and charges the handheld devices like MP3 player, iPod, cell phone, PDA etc.

Well, that was some of my favorite green gifts. You can find more gifts on our website for more Green Gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving,

L. Vyas

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