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GoGreen, Green Halloween Tips.
September 15, 2009
Hi There,

Halloween is right around the corner. It is time to party. It is a great opportunity to “Go Green”. There are all sorts of ideas for Green Halloween party at Here are some of our favorites:

Send Invitations by E-mail

Now a day, everybody is using computer on a regular basis. By sending the invitation through e-mail, you will save trees being cut and with a click of a button you can send invitation to many people.

Get Creative

Everybody hand out candies to kids. Being a parent, it is hard to keep your children away from the candies. You can make different by giving out fruit snacks, organic bar, and original fruit candies, organic juice box. Visit our website to get creative ideas for hand out.

Use Whole Pumpkin

Use all parts of pumpkin. You can find many recipes using pumpkin during this holiday season. The seeds can feed to our feathered friends – birds. Your children will love to work with you in the kitchen.

You can find more Green Halloween Party ideas on our website.

Have a great Green Halloween,

Until Next Time, L. Vyas

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