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Turbo Air Duster makes dusting easy.

Turbo air duster is here with a blower system to make dusting easy for you. Get rid of those compressed air cans and rely on the WD-40 Turbo Air Blower System. It makes your cleaning and dusting task easy by blowing dust from hard to reach places like computer, TV or other electronics.

Product Descripation:

Turbo Air Rechargeable Blower System The turbo air duster is safe for you, your family and no to mention the environment. The blower system is designed to dust air with force in one spray. It has unlimited supply of air with the blower system. You can completely rely on this turbo air blower system. It is cordless and compact so easy to carry and can use almost anywhere.

The motor with an aerodynamically designed housing and impeller provides enough air velocity to blast away dust off of electronic components safely without creating static electricity.

The attachments like brush is good for dusting and dislodging material from surfaces picture frame, TV, computer, blinds, ceiling fans. The nozzle attachment provides a concentrated steam of air, for blowing dust out of crevices and hard to reach areas like window tracks or computer keyboards, telephone keypad. It can blow away the dirt and debris from house without any attachments.

Product Includes:

  • Turbo air duster
  • Rechargeable charger
  • Mounting case
  • Brush Attachment
  • Nozzle Attachment

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