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If you are the kind of person who likes the nature around them, then solar fountain keeps you around the nature. In today's busy life it is not possible to go out everyday on a nature trail. Instead bring nature to you with solar powered fountain. Having a fountain in your garden, you can relax and enjoy the nature. Solar fountain gives a soothing and relaxing sound of flowing water without the need of electricity.

Solar Fountain

Solar powered fountain depends on sun so you do not need to bring the power cord from garage or home in to garden. The panel catches sunlight to power the water through the fountain. Solar fountain works quietly which makes it best for any garden. The most popular kind of fountains is floating solar fountain, solar pond fountain, solar wall fountain and solar birdbath. You can enjoy the fountain indoor too. Place the panel in direct sun light and attach cable to the fountain and enjoy outdoor in your home too.

Solar Fountain

The floating solar fountain looks beautiful in your pond. It floats freely in pond on its pad. Just set a float and enjoy it. The solar pond fountain includes pump that sprays water in the air giving your pond an elegant look.

The birdbath fountain is eco-friendly fountain for birds.The birds will know about the flowing water, they will come to enjoy water too.The birds love to bath in fountain. Solar Birdbath is most used by people who like a feathered company.

The fountain works out of the box. The panels are adjustable to receive maximum sunlight. Place it where you get the most sun light during day.

With cloudy day sometimes the fountain stops working or works slowly. The solution for this kind of problem is the solar pump. Some pump available in the markets has night power pack. The pump stores extra energy in the day and keeps the water flowing even after sun set. Some manufacturers include fountain pump with solar fountain kit. If you want to enjoy the fountain day and night we recommend you to buy pump. Solar garden fountain will bring joy to you and your environment for many years.

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