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Solar Cell Phone Chargers charge your phone anywhere.

Solar cell phone charger is useful and eco-friendly. It runs on sun energy. You can charge your phone anywhere there is sun light. Place the panel in sun, after a while you can charge your cell phone. It is light weight so that you can carry it with you. Some charger charges directly to cell phone. Some charger needs to be fully charged before it charges cell phone.

The talk time from charger is very by brand, battery capacity and transfer rate from charger to cell phone.

Some chargers are smaller than iPod, which is convenient for you. You can store it anywhere. When you buy the solar charger be sure to check that it is compatible with your cell phone brand. There are adapters available for other cell phone brands. So that one charger charges your whole family's cell phone. You do not have to buy the charger for each cell phone in your family.

Solar Cell Phone Charger

Like universal solar charger charges all your handheld devices, the solar cell phone charger comes with an adapter for other low voltage devices. You can charge AA battery, mp3 player, PDA and iPod.Some solar powered cell phone charger charges comes with a USB cord and power cord for cloudy and snowy days when the sun light is hard to get. Check with the manufacturer that the battery in charger is replaceable or not. If it is not replaceable then you have to buy the charger every time when the battery dies.

For those of us who like to go on adventure in jungle or mountain hiking, the solar charger that will fit in your pocket. The solar cell phone charge keeps you in touch with your loved ones and friends. You do not have to be near power outlet or charge your phone before you leave.

If you are like those people who can not live without talking hours and hours on cell phone, you can use solar charger as back up battery. Let?s say, you are driving a car and your phone rang. It is your boss and wants to discuss business with you. The same time you hear the low battery sound and you realized that you forgot to charge your cell phone battery. (trust me it happens!) You have your solar cell phone charger and there is sun out, you get your instant electricity. You can talk on phone while the sun charges your cell phone battery.

Solar cell phone charger is for those of you who can not afford to be out of touch with friends and family because of a dead battery.The charger is very helpful when mother nature turns her back on us.

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