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Earth Day - Time to Give Back to Earth

Earth Day is a special day to learn about our earth and what we can do to make it more beautiful. There are concerns about the environment every day, it is a crisis like any other. We have to care about the every aspect of the environment on the planet. We must have to care about fixing the problems like global warming. Global warming is still on the rise. We will have to combat it and help our environment.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day - Earth Earth Day is celebrated all over the world. The first earth day was on April 22, 1070. Everyone involved helping the environment and since then, it has spread all over the planet. Now people around the world have joined to honor the day. The interesting thing is that the environmental improvements took place in many countries around the world. It appears today, as people all around the world are heading in the right direction in regard to the environment.
People celebrate this special day by turning off lights for one hour, planting trees with their family, using eco-friendly products, recycling and promises not to produce toxic waste. You were once the future generation of the world, now you are the next generation. You have to do something for your future generation. You can start by doing very little changes around your home or in your every day activities.

When is Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated on April 22. The first earth day was on April 22, 1970. Senator Nelson decided to have a special day to honor the earth. People all over the world made promises to help the environment. It was a big event. Earth day was introduced for environmental awareness in people.

Earth Day Activities

Each year there are programs and events that you can attend both locally and internationally. On this day the environmentalists encourage children, teens and adults by planting trees, arts and crafts and other activities. You can find more earth day crafts ideas here. Take the ecological footprint quiz and learn how to reduce your impact on earth. Some earth day activities like puzzle, math, science help children to develop interest in the environment.
We all should come together and focus our attention on healing the whole planet. What is better than earth day, so plan to attend some event or you can start your own earth day tradition in your neighborhood. Even so the awareness of going green is positive. But we all have to work to continue the momentum set in motion by the first Earth day.

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